Equations: Learn

An inequality is very similar to an equation, but the answers form a range of numbers that could work to make the equation true.

For example, the inequality x > 4 would be true for all x values which are larger than 4, such as 4.1, 5, 10000, and so on.

Solving an inequality is just like solving an equation, except there is one extra rule to remember: if you multiply or divide by a negative number, switch the direction of the inequality.

Here is an example that shows how inequalities can be solved just like equations.

8 x - 2 > 14
+ 2 +2
8 x > 16
÷ 8 ÷8
x > 2

And here is an example regarding the extra rule about switching the direction of the inequality when you multiply/divide by a negative.

-8 x - 2 > 14
+ 2 +2
-8 x > 16
÷ (-8) ÷(-8)
x < 2

Equations: Practice

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If ,

then x

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