Evaluate a 1-Variable Expression

Evaluate Expressions: Learn

A mathematic expression is a group of numbers and operators which can be evaluated to determine their value.

There may be a variable in the expression which represents a number that may or may not be known. A variable is simply a symbol used as a placeholder for the unknown number. Mathematicians frequently use "x" as the variable, but it could be anything, such as any letter of the alphabet, or even a smiley face drawing.

If we know the value of the variable, we can find the value of the entire expression.

For example, if x=3, then the expression 7x+4 can be evaluated in the following way:

7x+4 =7*3+4 =21+4 =25

The very first step where x is replaced by its value is called substitution.

Evaluate Expressions: Practice

Evaluate using the given value.


If x=, then


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