Dividing Numbers in Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation: Learn

How to divide numbers in scientific notation:

  • Divide the base numbers
  • Subtract the exponents of the tens
  • Adjust the base number to have one digit before the decimal point by raising or lowering the exponent of the tens

For example, divide 1.6x107 by 2x10-2:

  • First, the base numbers are 1.6 ÷ 2 = 0.8
  • Then, subtracting the exponents makes 7 - (-2) = 9
  • Finally, 0.8x109 is not valid scientific notation because we can only have 1 non-zero digit left of the decimal. Moving the decimal 1 place to the right means decreasing the exponent by 1. Our final answer is 8x108

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x10 ÷ x10 =


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