Thousandths II

Thousandths as Decimals: Learn

A decimal is a fractional number and is indicated by digits after a period which is called a decimal point.

Tenths have one digit after the decimal point. For example, the decimal 0.8 is

  • pronounced "eight tenths" or "zero point eight"
  • equal to the fraction 8/10

Hundredths have two digits after the decimal point. For example, the decimal 0.36 is

  • pronounced "thirty-six hundredths" or "zero point thirty-six"
  • is equal to the fraction 36/100

Thousandths follow a similar pattern. They have three digits after the decimal point. For example the decimal 0.749 is

  • pronounced "seven hundred forty-nine thousandths" or "zero point seven forty-nine"
  • is equal to the fraction 749/1000

A decimal number may be larger than 1. The word and may be used to indicate the decimal point so it should not be used in other parts of the name of the decimal. The decimal 234.987 could be pronounced Two hundred thirty-four AND nine hundred eighty-seven thousandths.

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