Division Terms

Division Terms: Learn

There are four terms which describe the four numbers in a division problem:

  • The dividend is the number that is being divided.
  • The divisor is the number that the dividend will be divided by.
  • The quotient is the number of times the divisor will go into the dividend.
  • The remainder is a number that is less than the divisor and is too small to be divided by the divisor to form a whole number.

A division problem may be written horizontally such as
49474 / 7 = 7067 R 5.

Alternatively, it could be written vertically as:

7 0 6 7 R 5
7 4 9 4 7 4

In both cases, the terms are as follows:

  • 7 is the divisor
  • 49474 is the dividend
  • 7067 is the quotient
  • 5 is the remainder

Division Terms: Practice

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