Evalute to Solve Equations

Equations: Learn

An equation is a mathematical statement that has two expressions separated by an equal sign. The expression on the left side of the equal sign has the same value as the expression on the right side.

One or both of the expressions may contain variables. Solving an equation means manipulating the expressions and finding the value of the variables.

An example might be: x = 4+8

When the variable is the only part of one of the expressions, simply evaluate the other expression to find the value of the variable.

So in the example above, x = 4+8 = 12, or just x = 12.

Another example might be x = -4*3+1, so x = -12+1 = -11 or just x = -11.

Equations: Practice

Solve for x by evaluting.


If x = ,

then x =

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