Discount Price

Discount Price: Learn

Stores will often sell items for a discounted sales price. The store will discount an item by a percent of the original price. For example, an item that originally cost $20 may be discounted by 25%.

To find the amount of discount calculate 25% of $20. ($20.00*0.25=$5.00 discount)

Subtract the discount from the original price to find the discounted sale price. ($20.00-$5.00=$15.00 sales price).

Terms you may see for discounted items are:
50% Off
Save 50%
Discounted by 50%
50% Discount
1/2 Off

Discounts are usually applied before sales taxes.

Discount Price: Practice

What is the discounted sale price?


Note: Your answer should begin with a dollar sign and be rounded to the nearest cent.

What is the discounted sale price of an item that originally cost $ but is now % off?

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