Total Price with Sales Tax

Sales Tax: Learn

Many states and cities levy a sales tax on retail purchases. The sales tax is determined by finding a percentage of the purchase price. The percentage of tax called the tax rate varies between different cities and states.

For example, in one state the sales tax rate is 6%. If someone makes a $10 purchase, then the tax on that purchase is 10*0.06 = $0.60.

However, most consumers want to know the total cost of their retail purchase. In order to get the total cost, you can add back the sales tax to the original amount: $10.00+$0.60 = $10.60.

Alternatively, you could account for this in the beginning by adding 1 to the decimal form of the percent. Using the same example above, 10*1.06 = $10.60.

Sales Tax: Practice

What is the total with sales tax?


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What is the sales tax amount if the rate is % and
you make a purchase of $?

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