Total From Unit Price

Total from Unit Price: Learn

The total cost of a number of items may be calculated when the unit cost is known and the quantity that will be purchased is decided.

For example, if a caterer will serve a meal for $6.25 per person and 100 people will be served, the total cost will be $6.25*100 = $625.

You may also need to calculate total cost based on unit cost and number of items when you are ordering several items of the same kind.

For example, a teacher with 30 students in her class may need to buy notebooks for all of them. If the unit price per notebook is $1.10, then the total cost will be $1.10*30 = $33.00.

Total from Unit Price: Practice

What is the total cost?


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What is the total cost if the unit price is $ and you need to buy units?

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