Multiplication Sentences

Multiplication Equations: Learn

An equation is a mathematical statement such that the expression on the left side of the equals sign (=) has the same value as the expression on the right side. An example of an equation is 9 * 8 = 72.

One of the terms in an equation may not be known and needs to be determined. The unknown term may be represented by a letter such as x. (e.g. x * 8 = 72).

The solution of an equation is finding the value of the unknown x. Use the division property of equations to find the value of x. The division property of equations states that the two sides of an equation remain equal if both sides are divided by the same number.


x * 5 = 10
÷5 ÷5
x = 2

Check the answer by substituting (2) for x in the original equation. The answer is correct if the expressions on each side of the equals sign have the same value.

2 * 5 = 10
10 = 10 (Correct!)

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