Percent Of A Number

Percents: Learn

The word percent means "by hundredths" which is related to the decimal form on a percent. To convert a percent into a decimal number, you must divide by 100, creating hundredths. As you work with percents, you will frequently see steps where we must multiply or divide by 100.

The percent symbol (%) is used to indicate that a number represents a percent.

How to find a percent of a number:

  • Multiply the number by the percent
  • Divide the answer by 100 (Move decimal point two places to the left)
  • Round to the desired precision

Example: Find 87% of 68, rounding to the nearest whole number. (As a real-world example, perhaps you have a big test to take, with 68 possible points, and you need an 87% to maintain a B average grade. Finding 87% of 68 will help you determine how many points you need to earn on this test, and rounding to the nearest whole number makes sense for this situation because test points are usually whole numbers.)

  • Multiply the number by the percent: 87 * 68 = 5916
  • Divide the answer by 100: 5916/100 = 59.16
  • 59.16 rounded to the nearest whole number = 59

Percents: Practice

Determine the given percent of the number.


Round your answers to the nearest whole number.

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