What Percent?

Percents: Learn

The word percent means "by hundredths" which is related to the decimal form on a percent. To convert a percent into a decimal number, you must divide by 100, creating hundredths. As you work with percents, you will frequently see steps where we must multiply or divide by 100.

The percent symbol (%) is used to indicate that a number represents a percent.

How to determine a percent:

  • Divide the first number by the second
  • Multiply the answer by 100 (Move decimal point two places to the right)
  • Round to the desired precision
  • Label the answer with the % sign

Example: 68 is what percent of 87? (As a real-world example, perhaps you took a big test with 87 possible points, and you scored 68 points. Finding what percent 68 is out of 87 will help you understand your score -- converting all tests scores to percents can also help you compare them to each other or track your progress.)

  • Divide the first number by the second: 87 ÷ 68 = 0.7816
  • Multiply the answer by 100: 0.7816*100 = 78.16
  • 78.16 rounded to the nearest whole number = 78
  • 68 is 78% of 87

Percents: Practice

What percent is the first number of the second?


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