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Ratios: Learn

Ratios tell how one number is related to another number.

A ratio may be written as in colon notation (A:B) or in fraction notation (A/B) or using words ("A to B").

Example: A ratio of 1:5 says that the second number is five times as large as the first.

Example: A ratio of 2:5 says that for every 2 of the first number, there are 5 of the second.

The following steps will allow determination of a number when one number and the ratio between the numbers is given.

Example: Determine the value of B if A=6 with the ratio of A:B = 2:5

  • Determine how many times the number A is divisible by the corresponding part of the ratio. (6/2=3)
  • Multiply this number by the part of the ratio representing B (3*5=15)
  • Therefore if the ratio of A:B is 2:5 and A=6 then B=15

Ratios: Practice

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