Roman Numerals to Arabic Numerals

Roman Numerals: Learn

Our usual base-10 numerals were developed in the middle east and are known as the "Arabic Numerals" but some other number systems have different numerals. Here is a chart comparing Roman Numerals with Arabic Numerals:
Name of Numeral Arabic Numeral Roman Numeral Name of Numeral Arabic Numeral Roman Numeral
One 1 I Eleven 11 XI
Two 2 II Twelve 12 XII
Three 3 III Thirteen 13 XIII
Four 4 IV Fourteen 14 XIV
Five 5 V Fifteen 15 XV
Six 6 VI Sixteen 16 XVI
Seven 7 VII Seventeen 17 XVII
Eight 8 VIII Eighteen 18 XVIII
Nine 9 IX Nineteen 19 XIX
Ten 10 X Twenty 20 XX

Roman Numerals: Practice

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