Subtract With Pencil and Paper

Subtract 2-Digit Numbers: Learn

How to subtract two-digit numbers (for example 61 - 42).
  • Place one number above the other number so that the tens' place digits and ones' place digits are lined up. Draw a line under the bottom number.
    6 1
    - 4 2
  • Subtract the ones' place digits. If the second number's ones' place is too large, you have to 'borrow' 10 from the first number's tens' place.
    5 11
    6 1
    - 4 2
  • Subtract the tens' place digits (using the reduced tens' place number if you had to borrow) and place the answer below the line in the tens' place column.
    5 11
    6 1
    - 4 2
    1 9

Subtract with Paper and Pencil: Practice

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