Subtraction Sentences

Subtraction Equations: Learn

An equation is a mathematical statement such that the expression on the left side of the equals sign (=) has the same value as the expression on the right side. An example of an equation is 6 - 4 = 2.

One of the terms in an equation may not be know and needs to be determined. Often this unknown term is represented by a letter such as x. (e.g. x - 4 = 2).

The solution of an equation is finding the value of the unknown x. To find the value of x we can use the additive equation property which says: The two sides of an equation remain equal if the same number is added to each side.


x - 5 = 7
+ 5 +5
x = 12

Check the answer by substituting the value of x (12) back into the equation.

12 - 5 = 7
7 = 7 (Correct!)

Subtraction Sentences: Practice

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