Time Difference - Hours

Telling Time: Learn

Difference Between Times
Time In Words Example
1:00 One O'Clock
2:00 Two O'Clock
3:00 Three O'Clock
4:00 Four O'Clock
5:00 Five O'Clock
6:00 Six O'Clock
7:00 Seven O'Clock
8:00 Eight O'Clock
9:00 Nine O'Clock
10:00 Ten O'Clock
11:00 Eleven O'Clock
12:00 Twelve O'Clock

A digital clock would show

The time in text form is

How to find the difference between two times: Subtract the minutes of the earlier time from the minutes of the later time. (If the earlier time has more minutes than the later time, you can "borrow" from the hour by subtracting 1 from the hour of the later time and adding 60 to the minutes of the later time.) After you have found the difference in the minutes, subtract the hour of the first time from the hour of the second time.

Time Difference in Hours: Practice

The right clock is later than the left clock. How many hours later?


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